Investor Relations

Virat Crane Industries Limited is a Public Limited company and its shares are listed at The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

Audited Financial Results_31-03-2021
Board meeting Date for Q4 and Financial year results.
Shareholding Pattern for Q4_31-03-2021
Shareholding Pattern for Q3_31-12-2020
Q3 Unaudited Financial Results_31-12-2020
Board meeting Date for Q3 results.
Notice of 28th AGM
Intimation of Loss of share certificate.
Q2 Unaudited Financial Results_30-09-2020
Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2020
Paper Ad of Notice of 28th AGM
28th Annual report for F.Y 2019-20
Notice to shareholders for updating their Email Addresses
Outcome of Board Meeting & Financial Results for the Quarter/year Ended on 31-03-2020
Board meeting Date for Q4 results
Shareholding Pattern-30-06-2020
Shareholding Pattern-30-03-2020
Notice of transfer of dividend and shares to IEPF
Unclaimed list of shareholders of Dividend.
Intimation of Board meeting date for the quarter 31-03-2020
Out Come of Board Meeting & Financial Results for the Quarter Ended on 31-12-2019
Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2019.
Intimation of Board meeting date for the quarter ended on 31-12-2019
VCIL_Notice of 27th AGM & other details
27th Annual Report 2018-19 VCIL
31-03-2019_Share Holding Pattern_VCIL
31-03-2019Fin Results_Quartery & Yearly _VCIL
31-12-2018_Share Holding Pattern_VCIL
31-12-2018_Intimation of Board Meeting_VCIL
31-12-2018 Fin Results_Quarterly__VCIL
30-09-2018_Shareholding pattern_VCIL
30-09-2018_Intimation_Board Meeting_VCIL
30-09-2018 Fin Results_Quarterly_VCIL
30-06-2018_Shareholding pattern_VCIL
30-06-2018_Intimation of Board Meeting_VCIL
30-06-2018 _Financial Results_VCIL